Up Market is currently the only registered charity shop in the Rotherhithe area. What separates us from other charities is that we raise money for our local community hence our moto 'from the community, back to the  community'.


Albion Street is currently home to a busy health centre, a successful primary school and the Norwegian and Finnish churches in the UK. It was also at one time the main shopping area for Rotherhithe, however following the closure of Surrey Docks and the opening of Tesco the local shops began to close. In 2011 the relocation of the library to Canada Water had a significant impact on footfall in the street, hence Southwark identified the area for regeneration and facilitated the formation of the Albion Street Steering Group. One of the ASSG’s initiatives was, in partnership with the four local churches and the local undertaker - F.A. Albin & Sons, the opening of Up Market, a community charity shop whose remit is to plough its profits back into the local area.


Since Up Market has been open we have become a focal point of the community. We have a regular customer base whose support is invaluable.










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